1. "Let quality" speak for the sound of "VL"
2. "Let the goods" speak for the sound of "VL"

Guaranteed by real users, more than 100 shops, 50 
rental businesses. No matter where you are, you can
see our products. Line array called "Vida" Thai speakers
By Thai  people to have the opportunity to go around 
the country. In a year Hundreds of Vida speakers
in service All over the country Both audio equipment 
rental companies And various installation work Based
on our first intention, the line-array speakers were 
designed according to the theory of high power,
small size, economical, practical amp, easy setup and
FIR technology, the Veda VD1290 has become the Accepted
Includes well known and widely accepted V-box V-Line V-Dsp
V-Amp Viva products.
Today, we continue to produce and develop our products to
have the best quality and meet the needs of users.

We thank you from the heart Who have always
supported us well We promise you the best from us.

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